About Us

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Our Main Goal

To Promote Hands-on Experiential Learning of the Law

The Public Interest Law Clinic (PILAC) was established at the School of law, Makerere University in January 2012, becoming the first Clinic established at a University in Uganda. PILAC seeks to promote hands-on experiential learning as well as exposing students to 'live' cases of individuals who have been confronted by the law in its varied manifestations.

Our Vision

A Legal profession alive to the social justice needs of the vulnerable

Our Mission

To promote social justice through legal education, research, legal aid, public interest litigation and building strategic partnerships.

Our Values

Equitable access to justice, Non-discrimination, Transparency, Accountability, Community Empowerment
PILAC Initiatives

Clinical Legal Education (CLE)

PILAC has established a Clinical Legal Education (CLE) programme which is hands-on learning programme intended to equip law students with public interest lawyering skills. The Public Interest Law Clinic seeks to promote a culture of social justice lawyering in Uganda by developing a consciousness amongst law students of the important role public interest lawyering plays in protecting the rights of ordinary Ugandans.
Hands-on Learning Programme Intended to Equip Law Students
  • The Clinic trains students strategic use of national and regional mechanisms to protect human rights, the public interest and promote social justice,
  • provides law students with the requisite legal skills, training and practical experience to become effective legal professionals.
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Experiential Learning of the Law
Public Interest Law Clinic

Clinical Legal Education (CLE)

The CLE programme aims to train law students to fulfill their civic duties to the public on a long-term basis and contribute to cultivating a new generation of advocates fully equipped and committed to promoting the public interest and social justice as part of their civic duties.
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PILAC Project
Strategic Direction

Our Main Goal

Consolidating our gains through Transforming legal Education, Promoting Public Interest Litigation, Enhancing Access to Justice and Leveraging on Strategic Partnerships. Through the years, PILAC has been instrumental in transforming the teaching of legal education and legal practice through its experiential learning and strategic litigation strategies embedded in the various units namely:
Clinical Legal Education (CLE) programme
Legal Aid Unit (LAU)
Network of Public Interest Lawyers (NETPIL), Project ended in July 2022
East African Network of University Law Clinics (EANULAC)