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Community Law Mobile Project


PILAC is inaugurating a new programme under CLE in September 2012.

The Community Law Programme and Mobile Clinic (CLAPMOC) will extend legal services to the poor communities and members of vulnerable groups.

The objectives of the programme are two-fold: to enhance access to justice for the most vulnerable of society; and to generate interest and build capacity of law students to pursue social justice lawyering and acquire the requisite skills and experience for this end.

The programme is specifically intended to engage law students in promoting access to justice for the poor and most vulnerable of society.

The students will gain hands-on experience in conducting legal literacy trainings, community outreach sessions on basic rights, advocacy skills, and provision of legal assistance to communities, with supervision of PILAC staff.

Students will therefore be able to apply their acquired knowledge and skills directly by serving vulnerable groups and marginalized communities in most need of legal services and least able to enjoy these services.