Alumni Outreach Series

On the 12th April 2013, a group of 10 PILAC alumni set out for an outreach which was held at Kaloke Christian High School in Nakaseke District with the following objectives;

  • To introduce PILAC to the school.
  • To introduce PILAC Alumni activities to the school.
  • To establish a working relationship with the school.
  • To introduce students to the notion of human rights paying particular attention to the basic rights to education, food, water and rights of people with Disabilities.
  • To expose Alumni to rural school settings and workings.

At the school the students were divided into three groups: lower school (S.1 & S.2), middle school (S.3 & S.4) and uppers school (S.5 & S.6). The Alumni too divided themselves into three groups to attend to the three students’ groups,the groups interactions ran form 11:00am – 1:00pm.

The Human Rights literacy discussions focused on:

  • What are Human rights?
  • The history of Human Rights
  • Human Rights in the Ugandan context
  • The right to education, food, water
  • The rights of PWDs

The Alumni also carried out both career guidance and motivational talks with the students. After the group discussions, the Alumni took a tour around the school before sharing lunch with the staff of the school.

This was the first of such visits that the school was getting from outsiders on such interactions. The school made a request for continued visits and cooperation with the clinic.The students were getting a first hand’s experience and instruction on the notion of Human rights.

This is what some alumni had to say about the visit;

Sharon Juliet:For me the field trip to Nakaseke was the greatest of my entire PILAC experience.It was so fulfilling standing infront of those students and sharing with them not only about Human rights but also their academic challenges.Though we could not give them solutions to all their problems,the fact that we had taken off time to go and spend time with them was such a blessing.I must confess that the students exhibited a high level of knowledge and exposure that blew my mind and im glad that other human rights consious partners like African Development Bank are making the right to education a reality.To those who missed,it was a life time's experience that reawarkens you to think about certain members of our society and how to extend whatever help we can.

Annet:I enjoyed my journey to and from the school. Meeting the bright eager faces of the students was what I enjoyed most, having to share my passion with their little minds was such a privilege. Hopefully, we inspired many and changed their lives and the way they view life. I learnt that we, human beings at an earlier age have big dreams but as we grow, our dreams seem unreachable. But if we hold onto those dreams, there is nothing impossible.