PILAC Activities

In addition to managing the teaching of CLE, PILAC engages in research, supports and undertakes litigation relevant to the advancement of public interest law for the protection of the vulnerable. PILAC also fits well with recent University policy that all students, including law students, undertake field attachment as a practical component of their training. The Clinic offers an avenue for such attachment for selected law students.

PILAC has also established a Public Lecture Series as one of the ways of giving students the opportunity to interact with both international and local practitioners and for students to learn from real experiences of people in the field.

One of the hallmarks of PILAC is the establishment of student clinics, comprised of CLE students. The student clinics, constituted in groups of 3 – 5 students, allow students to work on real cases and with a practitioner, whom they assist in preparing for the case.

The clinics are also responsible for legislative advocacy, a programme which allows students to study and prepare comments on bills in Parliament, with a view of ensuring that the bills result into legislation which protects and promotes human rights and follows the human rights based approach.