With the aim of promoting public interest lawyering and the pro bono spirit in Uganda, the Network of Public Interest Lawyers (NETPIL) was officially launched in May 2015. The establishment of the Network was spearheaded by the Public Interest Law Clinic (PILAC) at Makerere University, School of Law to foster greater engagement of lawyers in public interest litigation and advocacy towards achieving social justice and greater protection of fundamental rights for all.

A legal profession committed to serving the justice needs of society.

To promote and strengthen public interest lawyering as a means to pursue social justice and the protection of human rights.

The objectives of the Network are to:

(a)    building and nurturing social justice lawyers;

(b)    enhancing capacity of its members to engage in public interest lawyering, and more specifically social justice;

(c)    creating awareness of public interest lawyering as an effective strategy to promote social justice and to better understand and litigate on emerging public interest law issues;

(d)    promoting litigation-based advocacy, including instituting strategic cases on topical, constitutional law matters;

(e)    coordinating litigation-based research, including conducting such research to support the network’s advocacy actions; and,

(f)    acting as a support and coordination mechanism for public interest lawyers and related initiatives.

Integrity, Professionalism, Equality, Respect for Human Rights, Accountability, Transparency and Solidarity

NETPIL membership is open to individuals, law firms and non-governmental organizations with a commitment to engage in public interest litigation to achieve social justice.

Thematic Areas of Focus:
NETPIL’s mission & objectives will be fulfilled primarily through the establishment of thematic working groups which will undertake research, advocacy, and public interest litigation, amongst other strategies. There are six thematic working groups to date, they address: labour rights; land rights; health rights; civil & political rights; right to education; and the rights of persons with disabilities.

To fulfill its objectives NETPIL regularly organizes training workshops, litigation surgeries, conferences and other capacity building activities for its members. It also engages in advocacy and strategic litigation initiatives, and supports the same of its members.

For More Information, Contact:

NETPIL Secretariat
Public Interest Law Clinic
School of Law, Makerere University
Tel: 0414531195