Recruitment of Students into CLAPMOC

The Public Interest Law Clinic has embarked on an exercise to select students interested in participating in the Clinic’s Community Law Programme and Mobile Clinic (CLAPMOC). The objective of CLAPMOC is: To enhance the law students’ capacity using practical teaching methods that will prepare them for public interest law careers and harness their skills for the benefit of indigent communities and individuals.

CLAPMOC IS OPEN TO FOURTH YEAR AND THIRD YEAR LLB STUDENTS. Students interested in joining this prestigious and educative programme should express their interest in joining the CLAPMOC programme by filling in the Application Form provided and ensuring that they submit the same to PILAC Friday 17TH October 2014.

CLAPMOC intends to deepen its interventions in the same geographical location by providing routine legal counselling, mediation and court representation in addition to awareness raising activities.

CLAPMOC law students will be equipped with skills to provide legal aid services and meet the justice needs of vulnerable sections of the community. CLAPMOC will operate in four distinct groups and shall interface with their academic supervisors, Legal Assistants and Legal Aid Manager. The four groups are:

 Group One Kikubamutwe- Supervisor, Patricia Atim

Group Two Katanga- Supervisor, Diana Ahumuza

Group Three Kivulu –Supervisor, Dr. Christopher Mbazira

 Group Four Kikoni –Supervisor, Nicole Ismene

Students are reminded that CLAPMOC experience will enrich their experience in practically applying the law to vulnerable communities and will ensure that they are able to have hands on experience in dealing with clients. Skills acquired from the programme will in help law students in LDC and other legal career developments as they apply for Jobs.
Students are encouraged to apply.

Applications can be downloaded on the PILAC website OR PILAC reception and forms should be submitted to Esther Bukenya at the PILAC reception not later than 17th October 2014.

Any inquiries regarding CLAPMOC can be directed at Ms. Sandra Oryema the Legal Aid Manager at

Friday, October 17, 2014 - 17:00