Keishaari Paul

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My first days on the course were spent as if in a fairy tale. I had never had the experience of being close to my lecturers on a personal level. In an instant, lecturers changed from being more of symbols of terror to concerned and caring parents who were interested in seeing their students transformed from the ordinary law students to an extraordinary group of students that would be fairy described as “a new generation of lawyers”.

The expectations I had at the beginning of the course were greatly surpassed that I was ashamed of myself for having been such a small dreamer. Various skills ranging from  counseling  to mediation, legislative advocacy to legal writing, and many others were learnt that I could only ask myself what would have become of me had I not been able to offer the course. In addition to this, the learning environment that encouraged every student to participate was a great boost to my self confidence as well as an assurance that I would be able to hold my own among future work place colleagues. This experience was later to aid me greatly during my field attachment exercise.

Many things were learnt from the course and other PILAC activities. However, the climax was when I participated in oral presentations. For a moment I was transported from the usual lower auditorium at the law school to the precincts of a Court of law. I could see myself submitting before Supreme Court judges and clearing a path in the dark through which those who were aggrieved could obtain justice.

Finally, I come to my question, “Clinical Legal Education experience, was it worth the time?” I can only answer by saying that it was the experience that changed my life forever. It changed my mind set about different categories of people in my society and what is expected of me as a prospective lawyer. It helped to determine which direction I should take after law school. It was such an experience that I can only summarize it by saying, “Clinical Legal Education is a course worth doing. The Public Interest Law Clinic is a project worth knowing”.

  • Obtained skills in legal writing
  • Enhanced skills in legal research
  • Learn to identify vulnerable people who need help
  • Understand the entire process of public interest litigation
Internship Placement: 
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Onesmus Mugyenyi /Joe
  • Women rights
  • Environment issues


Bill worked on: 
The National Council for Older Persons
Bill Group Members: 
Akello Sharon, Suzan Nalunkuma
Bill Supervisor: 
Diana Ampumuza
Case Worked on: 
Persons with Disabilities
Case Group Members: 
Nabatindira Edith, Veronica Kange
Case Supervisor: 
Afunadula Isaac & Mbazira Christopher