Kwesiga Arnold

Year of Class: 
Email Address:
  • Handling real life human rights cases for vulnerable people
  • Improve analytical skills for social issues
  • Community outreach to empower the community to address issues of violation
  • Advocate for the rights of minority groups
  • Pulling resources in the field of public interest litigation
Internship Placement: 
Refugee Law Project
Internship Supervisor: 
Mr.Kahi David Amusavi/Chris
  • Rights of forced migrants
  • Children’s Rights
  • Minority rights
Bill worked on: 
The Petroleum, The Exploration [ Refining , Gas Processing
Bill Group Members: 
Lamunu Kevin, Namatovu Teddy
Bill Supervisor: 
J.Oloka-Onyango & Nicole Zarifis
Case Worked on: 
Sexual Minorities
Case Group Members: 
Akullo Godiva, Suzan Nalunkuma
Case Supervisor: 
Patricia Atim & J.Oloka-Onyango