Kange Veronica

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Being part of PILAC has been a life changing experience. It has not only enhanced my legal knowledge but also given me an opportunity to grasp the social realities in Uganda. Its been an experience like no other, one that i wouldnot trade for anything and i will forever be greatful.

  • Learn practical approach of the law
  • Better understanding of human rights issues
  • Reach out to vulnerable people and victims and change lives
  • Build confidence in communication skills and legal arguments
  • Develop professionalism
Internship Placement: 
Human Rights Center
Internship Supervisor: 
Kasoma Jackie/ Patricia

Women’s rights
Children’s rights

Bill worked on: 
Marriage & Divorce Bill
Bill Group Members: 
Akullo Godiva , Kakande Angelus
Bill Supervisor: 
Patricia Atim
Case Worked on: 
Persons with Disabilities
Case Group Members: 
Nabatindira Edith, Keishaari Paul
Case Supervisor: 
Afunadula Isaac & Mbazira Christopher