Akello Sharon Juliet

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PILAC to me was not only an experience but I can best describe it as an encounter. The CLE course can help me defend law as one of the most noble professions. When one says law is a profession of money minded individuals, who persue it at the expense of other’s misery and difficulties, I can speak positively. PILAC has made me love the profession I am persuing because it has empowered me to help the vulnerable in society with knowledge acquired which has been my prayer to God but above all, it has inculcated virtues that I believe the 12 of us are privileged to have acquired which include integrity, transparency, honesty and we have become self motivated passionate lawyers who view the sky as the starting point.

If all university students had this encounter, Uganda will be free from corruption, leaders in society will be selfless, committed, accountable, responsible among others. My life is not motivated by pursuit of money but the desire to serve God in the people I find and help. PILAC has helped me love human rights in a wider perspective and it has been my life style. PILAC is to me a family and the instructors are so approachable providing an environment suitable  to learn effectively. I love every bit of it.

  • Learn how to identify pressing human rights issues within the community and address them
  • Learn practical lawyering skills
  • Develop the perspective of lawyering for social change and not profit making
  • Develop better communication skills with my peers and vulnerable persons who need help
  • Participate in community outreach and sensitization
  • Be attached to a relevant field to gain experience
  • To pass highly
Internship Placement: 
Internship Supervisor: 
Mulumba Moses/Ahumuza Dianah
Bill worked on: 
The National Council for Older Persons
Bill Group Members: 
Keishaari Paul, Suzan Nalunkuma
Bill Supervisor: 
Dianah Ahumuza
Case Worked on: 
Land Eviction
Case Group Members: 
Angelus Kakande ,Lamunu Kevin
Case Supervisor: 
Mbazira Christopher & Nicole Zarifis