Job Description: 

Clinic Advisor

Academic & Professional Experience: 

Ms. Ismene Nicole Zarifis is an international human rights attorney with over ten years of professional experience.  She serves as Advisor to the Public Interest Law Clinic, providing technical and strategic advice to overall management and development of the clinic. In the past she has worked with national, regional and international organizations in the area of human rights protection, including the National Coalition for Haitian Rights (Haiti); the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights at the Organization of American States (USA); and several UN agencies including UN Women, the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.

Ms. Zarifis is a licensed attorney in the USA, fluent in French, Spanish and Haitian Creole; she is a graduate of Ithaca College, USA (BA, Journalism); American University, Washington College of Law, USA (JD); and University of Pretoria, South Africa (LLM, Human Rights and Democratization in Africa).

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Makerere University P.O.Box 7062 Kampala Uganda


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