PILAC appreciates the fact that to be successful in realising its objectives, it needs to work with a number of partners, both globally and nationally.  For this reason, PILAC has built and continue to build strategic partners across the world and nationally.

PILAC’s selection of partners is informed by a number of considerations, including whether the partner shares in PILAC’s goals and objectives and the partnership is based on mutual trust, respect and equality. 

In a strategic manner, PILAC has build partnerships across many fields, including government, academia, civil society, including local and international NGOs, communities and community-based organisations.Within government, emphasis is placed on build partnerships with the Justice, Law and Order Sector. 

PILAC also accords high priority to building partnerships with other university-based law clinics, legal aid service providers and public interest law organisations.  In a bid to draw practical experiences in its work, PILAC has built partnerships with practitioners in the various fields of law and human rights relevant to public interest lawyering.


In addition to the critical institutional support provided by the School of Law (MUK), PILAC has benefitted from the generous support of donor organizations that value PILAC’s vision, mandate and goals.

These include: 

  • The UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Uganda;
  • Human Rights Development Initiative (HRDI), South Africa;
  • Democratic Governance Facility (DGF), Uganda;
  • And an anonymous philanthropic donor institution.



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